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Federal Election 2019 in the Hunter and New England

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It looks as though The Nationals Barnaby Joyce will retain the New England seat currently taking nearly 21,000 votes. 

He has just spoken to Channel Nine hitting out at groups such as GetUp! who have been running a big campaign against him and a number of other politicians.

He's also said he is proud of his team.

“In New England, we are incredibly humbled, I haven’t seen a seat where we are not ahead on first preferences.”

“I’m so proud of my team, no individual wins an election, a team wins an election.”

Independent Adam Blakester is sitting on around 6,200 votes and Labor's Yvonne Langenberg is on just over 5,000 votes. 

In the Hunter seat there has been a significant swing towards The Nationals Josh Angus against Labor's Joel Fitzgibbon but he does remain in front:

Labor Joel Fitzgibbon 15,127

The Nationals Josh Angus 8,619

One Nation Stuart Bonds 8,419


The votes are starting to trickle in for both the Hunter and New England seats.

It has so far been back and forth in the Hunter seat with the first of the votes counted:

Labor Joel Fitzgibbon 6,680

The Nationals Josh Angus 3,972

One Nation Stuart Bonds 3,690

In the New England incumbent Barnaby Joyce is ahead:

The Nationals Barnaby Joyce 8,777

Labor Yvonne Langenberg 1,947

Independent Adam Blakester 2,361

Update 6pm

The polls have closed across the Upper Hunter. 

The Upper Hunter was out and about to vote today unless you were a part of the around 4 million people who took up the opportunity to pre-poll over the past three weeks.

The latest exit poll from Channel Nine has Labor set to take out a win tonight with a swing of 2.4 per cent.

The Galaxy poll found the swing would deliver Labor as many as 82 seats in the 151-seat parliament.

The Liberal-National coalition's primary vote sat at 39 per cent, just one point ahead of Labor, with the Greens polling 10 per cent and "other" at 10 per cent.

We will keep you up to date tonight with what is happening in both the Hunter and New England seats.


Incumbent New England MP Barnaby Joyce cast his vote in his hometown at a polling booth at Woolbrook Public School. 

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Independent candidate for the New England Adam Blakester was also out to cast his vote early this morning. 

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Image credit: Grant Broadcasters and Barnaby Joyce

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