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More preschool places available for Upper Hunter youngsters should Labor get elected

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Should NSW Labor get elected in just over a week there could be more preschool places available for 3 and 4-year-olds.

Country Labor’s candidate for the Upper Hunter Melanie Dagg made the announcement today that the Upper Hunter is expected to gain 980 additional funded places for 3 and 4-year-olds.

If elected on March 23, Labor will also commit to $292 million for programs that extend access to preschool in rural and remote areas, and $15 million in grants to plug critical services gaps across regional NSW.

“This is all about ensuring kids have access to quality early education. We know that it prepares them for school and it also supports families if they want to return to work.”

“My kids are in primary school now, they’re in kindy and year three but both of mine went to our local pre-school which was fabulous and look the bills can mount up but we knew that it was the best thing for our kids and my eldest only went for one year, my youngest she went for three,”

“The difference in their readiness for school was remarkably different,” said Melanie Dagg.

“The youngest was much more prepared for school than the oldest.”

“So all we are trying to do is make sure that this kind of education and support is available and more accessible for more families across Upper Hunter.”

Melanie Dagg said the announcement today is building on what is already there under the current government.

“There were only limited places before, they were sort of capped and this is extending the number of places available and as I said that’s approximately 980 places just for the Upper Hunter.”

The announcement came on the same day that Upper Hunter MP Michael Johnsen and New England MP Barnaby Joyce showed their support for the coal mining industry at a media conference in Singleton.

Melanie Dagg believes it was purely a media stunt.

“There’s no doubt that the coal mining industry is important to our electorate, no one is denying that. But what we saw today was nothing more than a political stunt, they didn’t make any promises, they made no announcements, this was just political rhetoric designed to save their seats.”

“They’re coming in at the last minute to shore up votes and it’s disgusting.”

Image credit: Melanie Dagg, Country Labor