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Major upgrade on the cards for Muswellbrook South Public School


A major upgrade at Muswellbrook South Public School will see an end to the sea of demountable classrooms on site.

Education Minister Rob Stokes and Upper Hunter MP Michael Johnsen announced today that should they get elected, and hopefully, even if they don’t, all of the demountables would be replaced with new, permanent, air-conditioned classrooms.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said they recognise that it is an important, growing school.

“We want to make sure that the great teaching here is supported by great school infrastructure and not only will it be new classrooms but also potentially new core facilities and an opportunity to look at how we best design and masterplan this school to serve the needs of this community into the future.”

“It’s been a part of an overall funding envelope for a series of new schools that we have been committing to as a part of this election campaign,” he said.

In terms of just how much it will cost and whether or not the cash is in the bank to complete such a project, Rob Stokes said it has been fully costed.

“The precise budget will obviously be a matter to determine once the scope of the works is finalised with the school community and obviously we don’t want to undermine the procurement processes by putting a figure out to the marketplace before we’re finished that design work.”

“This is an election commitment but the cash is in the bank thanks to the strong budget management of the NSW Liberals and Nationals and it has been fully costed by the Parliamentary management office.”

There’s $6.5 billion worth of schools in different phases of delivery right across NSW.

The other exciting part of the project is that the school will have a say in just what the classrooms will look like so they can be sure everything they need will be taken care of.

“The really exciting part of our new approach to building schools is we’ve set up a specialist unit of architects, designers, project managers within the department of education to work with schools to co-design their schools,” said Rob Stokes.

Upper Hunter MP Michael Johnsen is very pleased with the announcement.

“It is something that Muswellbrook South Public School deserves,”

“It is wonderful for the Muswellbrook community but particularly the school community, the teachers and the students here at Muswellbrook South, they’re very excited to know that they’re going to get new classrooms and new facilities,” said Michael Johnsen.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse