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Country Labor candidate for the Upper Hunter Melanie Dagg backing Party's TAFE plan


Country Labor candidate for the Upper Hunter Melanie Dagg said the TAFE policy unveiled by the Party over the weekend is really exciting.

Shadow Minister for TAFE and Skills Prue Carr announced the policy on the weekend that would see 600,000 certificate level places in skill shortage courses over the next decade should they get elected.

Melanie Dagg said there is a skills shortage in the Hunter and this plan will be instrumental in ensuring local people are able to be trained up and job ready.

“But this isn’t just about training and education, this is also a jobs approach so Labor will also require 20 per cent of work on major NSW Government construction projects be allocated to a combination of apprentices, trainees, indigenous Australians and the long time unemployed,”

“This is all about ensuring our people here on the ground are able to get a good education and get a good job,” she said.

“The public TAFE system in NSW has been gutted under the Liberal and National Government with 5,700 teachers and support staff sacked and there are 175,000 fewer students enrolled.”

Should Labor get in, the plan would cost them a considerable amount of money but Melanie Dagg said the money would be available to see the plan through.

“All of this has been fully costed by the parliamentary budget office so there is no issue about funding it.”

“This all comes down to priorities and this is what the Labor party is all about. When you’re in government you have the ability to prioritise your funding based on the issues that are most relevant to your community,”

“Should Michael Daley and the Labor team be elected we would be prioritising our funding to ensure the people who want to be educated in these skills shortage areas, they’re able to do so without having to worry about paying exorbitant fees that have been jacked up over the last eight years and also having to worry about some dodgy private provider which has been the case as well taking advantage of vulnerable people and that has to stop,” concluded Melanie Dagg.

Image credit: Melanie Dagg - Country Labor for Upper Hunter Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/melaniedagg/