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Speed a factor in half of the fatal crashes in NSW over the weekend


Speed was a factor in half of the fatal crashes on NSW roads over the weekend. 

Seven people including a three-year-old girl were killed demonstrating how tragic travelling above the speed limit can be. 

A life was lost in the Hunter region as well in a car accident yesterday. 

Police say just after 5pm yesterday emergency services were called to Tomago when a sedan left the road and hit a tree trapping the four occupants of the vehicle. 

A 68-year-old female was freed from the vehicle but attempts to resuscitate her failed and she tragically died at the scene. 

The male driver and two female passengers were taken to the John Hunter Hospital in a serious condition.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the cause of the incident.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy is urging everyone to think of the consequences of their actions on our roads.

"The higher your speed, the more difficult it is to control your vehicle if you need to take evasive action," Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

"All but one of these fatalities happened on regional roads, where we know drivers are more likely to speed."

"Police travel the same roads as everyone else and have seen some truly shocking driver behaviour which is both reckless and disappointing."

"Families across the state have been left devastated and people have suffered unimaginable injuries because of poor road behaviour."

"If you are travelling this summer, I implore you to think about the lives around you and the impact your death or injury would have on them," Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters