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Police on the hunt for the man who allegedly sexually assaulted young girl in Newcastle


Police are on the hunt for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a young girl in Newcastle.

Police say at around 9:15am yesterday (Tuesday 12th June) an 11-year-old girl was walking through Hudson Park in Adamstown Heights when she was approached and threatened by a man armed with a knife.

The girl was then allegedly sexually assaulted before being dragged into the man’s car and driven to bushland where she was further sexually assaulted.

Around five hours later at 2:15pm the girl was released at Kotara Railway Station where she then walked home, around 1.5 kilometres, to her grandmother who then alerted police.

A crime scene has been established and investigations are underway.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Jacob from the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad said that they are determined to track down the man responsible as fast as they can.

“It’s quite a worrying crime committed in broad daylight to a young person, a very brave young girl who has been assisting us with our inquiries, whilst she was on her way to school,” he said.

“It’s horrendous but he did get away and undertake a series of crimes against this young lady and it is our mission to get this person and remove him from the community as fast as we can and we need your help to do that.”

The man’s age isn’t known but he is described as having dark short messy hair, is chubby, has wrinkles on his forehead and around his mouth, has brown stained teeth and chubby hand. He was wearing a distinctive hoodie that was dark grey and black with blue colouring at waist level at the bottom front of the hoodie.

He had an Australian accent and was allegedly driving a red Commodore sedan.

“I don’t want to limit people to that timeframe [9:15 – 2:15pm], I want them to think about that period of time, I want them to look to the days before, I want people who were driving in that area to consider their dash cams whether there were any recordings made in and around that area. Anything that may assist us,” said Detective Chief Inspector Jacob.

“One of the reasons we are appealing to the public, appealing to those who use dashcams that may have taken images they’re not aware of just yet that might give us some indication of where the continuing offences occurred against this young woman.”

“We’re concerned, that’s why we are speaking to you today hoping that you will get the message out for us as widely as we possibly can to not only warn members of the public but to appeal for that information that will help us crack this case quickly,” he said.

Detective Chief Inspector Jacob said the girl is doing extremely well considering the circumstances and what she’s been through.

“She is doing remarkably well. She’s a very brave young lady who is intensively assisted the police in a remarkable way throughout the evening and into the late evening. She is now with her parents, she’s being strongly supported,”

“She’s extremely lucky; as I said and I keep saying because it is important is that she is a brave young woman in helping us get to the bottom of this. I cannot say, I cannot forecast what could have happened. The fact is she is now safe with her family and is being supported by the police investigation and counselling and the John Hunter Hospital and we are very thankful for that.”

Anyone with any information is being strongly urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters