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MP calls for rethink on Blue Heeler statue

BlueHeelerStatue2.jpgMichael Johnsen MP, Member for Upper Hunter today called on Muswellbrook Council to re-locate the ‘Blue Heeler’ statue and plinth located on the pathway in front of Campbell’s Corner.

Mr Johnsen said he had received complaints about the statue from members of the community who felt it was not the best place for such a statue to be located.

“Concerns regarding the statue vary from it worrying pedestrians, in particular those of limited vision and their families, through to those who have questioned why an artistic work would be placed out for people to admire, but then have to be placed behind a safety barrier,” Mr Johnsen said.

“Whilst it is absolutely necessary, given the current placement, that the safety equipment remain in place, it completely detracts from what is a quality statue and its plinth, and I am not convinced that the placement of tactile indicators would solve the problems regarding the current placement of the statue.”

“In response to our local community’s concerns I have written to Muswellbrook Council calling for the statue and plinth to be moved to a new location of their choice, but where people can see it more clearly, and it is not in the way of pedestrians,” Mr Johnsen concluded.