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Further deer control in Murrurundi next month


There will be further deer control at Murrurundi next month. 

Another on-ground deer control program will be done on the outskirts of Murrurundi inSeptember / October 2019.

Upper Hunter Shire Council in partnership with Hunter Local Land Services (LLS) undertook a deer control program in June 2019 at the request of landowners, and after consultation with the Murrurundi community.

Over six nights, fifty-five deer were destroyed.

Qualified contract shooters work within strict guidelines set out by Council, Hunter LLS and the Local Area Command police force. The licenced and accredited professional shooters operate at night from a vehicle with the aid of suppressed firearms. All carcasses are removed and provided to the game meat industry.

"I can't see these bouts of control stopping, the numbers are just too large," said Upper Hunter Shire Mayor Wayne Bedggood.

"It is a controlled cull so it will be done between Council , the Local Land Services, and the Local Area Command and obviously the shooters are professionally accredited and licensed shooters with very specialist equipment,"

"I think they took out 55 deer last time, and to put that into perspective that was 55 in and around the edges of the town. People say that's not many but if they went just a little bit further from town up into the hills there's about 6000 where the number are horrendous."

"This is about trying to minimise the impact that the deer around the township are having on gardens, lawns and even going on to the highway as traffic hazards," said Mayor Bedggood.

Image credit: Upper Hunter Shire Council