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Wallabies great John Eales brings some inspiring words to Scone

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The most successful Wallabies captain in Australia has wowed Scone this week.

John Eales dropped into Scone Grammer School on Thursday to meet the secondary school children and give a talk opening up about his successes but also about how he dealt with some of the disappointments that came with his career.

One of the most memorable moments of his career for John’s fans is, of course, is the goal he scored to claim the Bledisloe Cup for the Wallabies in New Zealand in 2000.

In category-2 cyclone conditions John kicked the winning goal.

He said the most memorable part of his career for him, is the friends he’s made along the way.

“I was very fortunate, I played with a lot of great players but more importantly I played with a lot of great people and so the highlights of my career as I look back are really the moments that I shares with friends and they’re the moments I look back on now and they’re the moments I relive.”

On Thursday night John went to Scone Rugby Club to do a talk and meet some of the locals.

He said clubs like Scone’s are vital to regional and rural communities.

“Clubs are the fabric of sport, but they’re more than that,”

“They’re the fabric of the community and they’re places where people can come in and feel they belong and I think you can never underestimate how important that is particularly when people and communities are going through tough times and they’ve got a place that they can come that they know they’re going to be welcomed and not judged and where others know what each other is going through,” he said.

The drought continues to hold a firm grip on the Upper Hunter and 99.9 per cent of NSW continues to be impacted by the drought.

John said that it’s one thing for the people in Sydney to hear and read about the drought, but it’s a whole different ball game to come out and see it for yourself.

“To actually come out and see what’s going on and to meet some of the people and chat to them you get a real personal perspective on what’s going on,”

“I think that when you see that but then you see the spirit of the people, and the spirit of the community and the spirit of the clubs you know that the community will get through it and it's going to be tough and there may be tougher times ahead but you know the community will get through.”

The event at Scone Rugby Club was organised by Ausure Scone's Jason Brooks who is a personal friend of Eales along with McCallum Inglis.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse