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Upper Hunter NSW Rural Fire Service crews come to the aid of a struggling farmer who had 800 head of cattle with nothing to drink

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Some local Upper Hunter NSW Rural Fire Service crews have come to the aid of struggling farmers.

Despite what is a busy time for the volunteer service with firemen and woman being dispatched to various areas of not only NSW, but other states that are being and have been ravaged by fire in recent times, fire crews from Kingdon Ponds have been able to deliver water to a farmer who had nothing for his 800 head of stock to drink.

The NSW Department of Primary industries contacted the brigade after they were told of the farmer's plight.

“We had contact from the DPI and they asked if we could help them cart water as they had become aware of an animal emergency where a local landholder had run out of water for about 800 cattle,” said Liverpool Range Rural Fire District manager Superintendent Tim Butcher.

“DPI had to try and get water to keep these cattle alive so we were more than happy to help out,” he said.

Crews from Wingen, Gundy, Bunnan and Kingdon Ponds from Scone carted 100,000 litres of water over two days.

The landholder is now able to make his own arrangements to provide water to the cattle.

“Where we can help we do help, its all about helping our community,” said Superintendent Butcher.

“The effort that all of our volunteers in the rural fire service put in is just so commendable, it's outstanding and where there’s a need we ask our volunteers to help and they stand up time after time.”

“Most landholders and graziers know the conditions of their stock and plan ahead for water and food but occasionally those plans go astray and that where we can come and help out if the DPI needs out help,” said Superintendent Butcher.

Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/NSW-RFS-Liverpool-Range-Zone-254063131317275/