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Water carting has started to Murrurundi to top up supply


Water carting has started to Murrurundi to top up supply. 

The levels at Murrurundi Dam are now too low so water can no longer come from there.

Upper Hunter Shire Council is carting water twice a day from Scone to the pre-treatment lagoon and the majority of the town's water is still coming from the emergency water bore and the Page River gallery. 

The emergency water is pumping 1.75 litres a second, around 150,00 litres a day. The town’s daily consumption is around 230,000 litres a day and the carted water will cover the shortfall without leaving excess water to be lost to evaporation.

The water is being tested twice daily to ensure the water continues to meet national safety standards. 

Upper Hunter Shire Mayor Wayne Bedggood said the pipe inlets will have to be lowered to get the rest of the water out. 

"Because we've never had the dam at this level before, or this low we've found that the inlet to the pipe is going to have to be lowered to get the other 5 per cent of usable water out so the team are busily working on that at the moment,"

"In the meantime we've started trucking water. It's the start of the inevitable," said Mayor Bedggood. 

"We're short about 50,000 litres a day and we've got to get water up there regardless and start that process."

"The bore is coping fairly well at the moment, when i say the bore, there's two bores running, the one we originally put down and that's been dropped down a further 38 metres. So that's drawing from a depth of 185 metres at the moment which is very deep and the Pages River bore that's been there but only pumps about 50 kilolitres a day so its supplementary to the whole supply."

Council is reminding residents that any taps that have not been turned on for a while may need to be run for a few minutes to clear any stale and discoloured water. If you are experiencing ongoing water quality issues contact Council on 6540 1100 or visit one of the Council offices.

Murrurundi has been on level six water restrictions since July 2018 due to the devastating drought. 

Earlier this month algae was found in Murrurundi Dam which was yet another blow to the town. 

The water tested positive for blue green algae at level 3. 

"They've had all sorts of dramas up there and its been very tough and I appreciate the patience and the understanding that everyone has shown and being restrained with their water use as well," said Mayor Bedggood. 

There are a lot of local suppliers keen to help with water trucking and they are on standby, as is Council when more water has to be carted to Murrurundi. 

Image credit: Upper Hunter Shire Council