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Murrurundi Dam level dropping, water could need to be carted to cover town supply


The Murrurundi Dam level is dropping and water could need to be carted in to cover supply.

Upper Hunter Shire Council will be considering plans to cart water from Scone to Murrurundi for the town supply at the next Council meeting on December 17.

As the warmer weather kicks in, water use will most likely be rising putting strain on the town's supplies.

The emergency bore is currently supplying 70% of the town’s needs but if water use rises, there will be increased reliance on the dam. If the bore were to fail, and the town was drawing only from the dam, there is an estimated 40 days of supply remaining. Council would need to implement water carting within a few weeks.

Large amounts of water may need to be trucked into the town over summer to keep water running to homes, businesses, the hospital, school, aged care and others.  The cost of water carting will come out of Council’s Water Fund, which comes from water rates, Shire-wide.

Murrurundi has been on level 6 water restrictions since July 2018 and the town has received only 417mm of rainfall this year to December, around half the historic annual average.

Image credit: Upper Hunter Shire Council