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A 320 kilometre walk to support Upper Hunter farmers


It's a 320 kilometre walk to help drought-affected farmers in the Upper Hunter.

Harrison Badger from Ireland is walking from Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast in a bid to raise $5,000 to help drought-stricken farmers in Scone and Gundy. 

The 20-year-old has been working on a horse stud in Gundy with his brother since April seeing firsthand the effects of what is one of the worst droughts in a century in the Upper Hunter region. 

Before he heads back home to Ireland for university he is determined to make a difference.

"Living in Gundy where its hit really hard like a lot of the Upper Hunter and just seeing the farms around here and how much they're struggling, people just in need every day and how much they're having to cut back on general life," said Harrison.

"I was quite lucky to be on a horse stud so as much as being affected and having major setbacks we have different owners involved and it’s a lot easier for us than the cattle farmers, but just watching cattle farmers struggling to feed their animals probably set me off a bit."

He contacted Aussie Helpers before he set off wanting the money he raises to go back into the Upper Hunter as much as possible.

"I set my goal on the page to $5,000 but seeing the support I’ve got only half way through the trip, whatever people are willing to give,”

“The sky is the limit with these things; it just depends on how many people get behind us."

"At the start, my brother was driving around and camping with me, but he went back to work so I was lucky enough to stay with a friend last night but otherwise I'm carrying a swag on my back which I will be staying in at night time."

Harrison said he’s hoping to raise awareness of just how bad of a drought Australia is in back home in Ireland.

"That's kind of why I'm doing it, I mean I think people through this are hearing more back at home and a lot of the donations have been from home because they really don't hear about it. They might hear there is a drought going on but they don't hear the severity of it."

To help Harrison achieve his goal head to: https://www.gofundme.com/320km-walk-to-raise-for-the-drought

Image credit: Scone Advocate