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‘It needs to respond even more than it has so far’: Upper Hunter MP on drought


Upper Hunter MP Michael Johnsen is calling on the NSW Government to respond even more than it has so far when it comes to drought assistance for farmers.

He is calling for further and comprehensive drought assistance from the government as drought shows no sign of letting up.

Michael Johnsen said that his electorate is where the drought started and it’s been long enough without enough action.

“The disadvantageous flow-on effect of the drought is now being felt by many communities in my electorate, not just farms but local businesses also, and I have to stand-up for their needs, regardless of the differing views across the state and in politics,”

Many in our farming communities have tried to brave it out, but we need to do more. The responsible funding measures taken by the government so far have helped many, but there is ever-increasing need for help as the drought lingers.”

“Whether the government provides freight subsidies, reduces costs like the Local Land Service rate relief, encouraging Council to alleviate their land rates, or any other measures to ease the burden of our friends and neighbours in the farming community, but regardless we have to act now, and ensure that our measures are practical and above-all comprehensive.”

“The State Government has responded as the drought lingers, but it needs to respond even more than it has so far, as there is no end in sight.”