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Road maintenance in Upper Hunter Shire being impacted by severe dry


The severe dry is impacting road maintenance in the Upper Hunter Shire.

A lack of available water is making the maintenance of the more than 954km of unsealed road right across the Shire not only more expensive but slower.

Between 40,000 and 1000,000 litres of water are used by grader teams each day.

That water is drawn from rivers and dams, but during a drought, water may need to be transported from further away from the works. That can require an extra water cart and add an additional $1000 a day to the cost of a maintenance team with one grader, roller and water cart and three workers.

Upper Hunter Shire Mayor Wayne Bedggood said in the more rural areas it's going to be hard to get to.

"As for general road maintenance we have had to cut right back on those, we just don't have the water."

"The roads will be dusty and corrugated, as I said if it becomes dangerous absolutely let us know and we try and get a team out there."

Image credit: Upper Hunter Shire Council