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Minister commits to addressing Upper Hunter nursing crisis


Regional Health Minister Bronnie Taylor says she will work day and night to help solve the nursing crisis at Muswellbrook and surrounding hospitals here in the Upper Hunter.

Management have been struggling to fill the nursing rosters for some time forcing staff to work double and split shifts which is leading to burnout and concerns about patient safety.

We revealed yesterday that six experienced nurses have resigned in recent weeks from Muswellbrook Hospital including one giving up her front-line health career for a job in the mines.

Ms Taylor said she is determined to address the situation as quickly as possible.

"I'm sad to hear those people are leaving. I'm sad to hear that they've gotten to that point but what I have to commit to and I am committing to you and all of  your listeners is there is not going to be any hour in any day that doesn't go past with me looking to find solutions to fix thing," she said.

"I'm not going to say I have all the solutions now but I am actively working on things."

Image: NSW Nationals

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