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Motorists beware of flooding and highway closures at Whittingham


Motorists are being advised of road closures and changed traffic conditions at Whittingham near Singleton. 

Flooding has impacted the Golden Highway (Mitchell Line of Road) between New England Highway and Range Road, with the highway closed in both directions.

Diversions are currently in place for light and heavy vehicles.

Light vehicles
Eastbound: Range Rd then New England Hwy.
Westbound: New England Hwy then Range Rd.

Heavy vehicles
Eastbound: Putty Rd, Ryan Ave, John St, then New England Hwy, via Singleton.
Westbound: New England Hwy, Campbell St, John St, Ryan Ave, Putty Rd, via Singleton.

Local Council is attending on scene. 

Motorists are cautioned to use diversions, check signage and allow for extra travel time. 

Image: Live Traffic NSW