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Muswellbrook lagging behind in double vaccination rates


The Muswellbrook local government area has the lowest double vaccination rates across the Hunter regions.

Upper Hunter MP Daze Layzell outlined in a data report ending from September 12 that Muswellbrook's second dosages sit at 29.9%. 

Meanwhile, the first dose rates in Muswellbrook rose significantly over the past few weeks and now sits at 63% - from its former 47.1%  in August.

The Hunter New England Health districts continue to fall short of the rest of New South Wales as part of vaccine hesitation and a lack of supplies.

Upper Hunter holds the highest double jab rates with 44.7% of the population fully vaccinated and 73.5% already having at least one.

With the state set to reopen next month when a 70% double jabbed target is reached, the Hunter could be left vulnerable if the rates fall behind.

Vaccination Rates in the Upper Hunter:

  • Dungog: 73.3% 1st dose, 43.3% 2nd Dose

  • Liverpool Plains: 67.9% 1st dose, 32.3% 2nd Dose

  •  Maitland: 69.6% 1st dose, 38.6% 2nd Dose

  • Mid-Coast: 73.5% 1st dose, 43.8% 2nd Dose

  • Muswellbrook: 63.0% 1st dose, 29.9% 2nd Dose

  • Singleton: 67.1% 1st dose, 33.9% 2nd Dose

  • Upper Hunter: 76.3% 1st dose, 44.7% 2nd Dose

Image Credit: Pixabay

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