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The Hunter's Dan Repacholi off to bring back gold from Tokyo


The Hunter Valley's Daniel Repacholi is off to bring home gold from Tokyo. 

The 39-year-old is currently in Brisbane, about to be put in a bubble ready to fly over to his fifth Olympic Games. 

Daniel lives in Nulkaba near Cessnock and has won gold for Australia before, at the last Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018 for the 50m pistol.

He said pistol shooting has been his whole life, and this time he is more determined than ever to win gold.

"I've been around it my whole life, I've done it since I was 12 years old and before that with my mother and father just going to the shooting range. It's been a huge part of what I do, I love the competition and I love to win so that is what pushes me the most,"

"I've tried to retire a couple of times to spend more time with my wife and two little girls but they didn't want to spend the time with me! They convinced me to go back and do some more."

"Alex knows that I want more out of this, that I can go to the Olympic Games and I can win so she knows that until that happens I will always have something unfinished."

"Nothing beats it. Representing your country is fantastic and actually winning for your country is the most satisfying thing ever," said Daniel. 


The Games were in limbo amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but Daniel said he always thought it would happen it was just a question of when. 

He added that it has certainly been a different campaign compared to previous Games.

"It's been a very different campaign, this Olympic campaign for me. I was always confident the Olympics was going to go ahead but it just depended on when they were going to do it."

"Most of our training has been done in Brisbane, the weather is quite close to Japan, they've been pretty COVID free a part form the local down at Easter and the start of January so it's been really good," he said. 

"We have been a lot more secure in what we're doing, keeping to ourselves a lot more than we usually would, making sure we've got social distancing and things like that. The whole shooting team has had the Pfizer shot before we go over on 19th July."

There are four Australians in the pistol team, five in the rifle category and six in the shotgun category from down under.

"So there will be 60 competitors from all over the globe, so what I shoot is just a .177 calibre air pistol, it shoots a little pellet and we shoot at the size of your button of your t-shirt. That's what we try and shoot at every time from 10 metres," said Daniel.

The team will fly out on July 19th, Daniel competes on the 24th and 27th July and they fly home on the 28th July and head straight to hotel quarantine. 

The whole team will be tested more than half a dozen times between flying over, getting to Tokyo and preparing to come home, and when they are home. 

Image credit: Daniel Repacholi Facebook page