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St Joseph's High School students blow their goal out of the water for Vinnies sleepout


Students at St Joseph's High School have blown their goal out of the water for their sleepout to raise money for Vinnies Muswellbrook.

School Captains Kelley Harris, Meg Southcombe, Aneira Bray, Zach Cadalbert attended a Captains meeting of their Maitland and Newcastle Diocese recently which is where their idea started. 

The year 12 students planned a sleepout which was in the school hall last night.

About 29 students slept in swags, on mattresses and mats in the hall, but before they'd even gone to sleep the cohort had raised more than $12,000.

Meg said when they were planning the night, their goal was just $2,500.

"What we found from the meeting is that we need to step out of our comfort zone and take on something a little bit bigger and we wanted that to be our own initiative, peer run, and we've achieved it which is something we're super excited about," said Meg.

"There's been a massive, massive pump up around the school for it, I think the hype and the atmosphere the last week has been really good. I actually walked into a Year 7 class this morning and they were like how much have you raised now? It's the talk of the school and to know that Year 7 are talking about it is exactly what we wanted because we wanted to leave that newborn legacy behind."


"We've raised $12656 at the moment and that's amazing, our goal was $2,500,"

"We're so proud for a cohort of 49 we have the biggest heart here at Joeys."

"In NSW we are currently winning as the school who ha raised the most by about $6,000,"

"We had the Vinnies team at Sydney ring and they said we're watching you! They said they've been watching every day and your'e raising more and more," Meg said. 

Last night the students played games, had a big raffle and also head from a couple of local guest speakers about homelessness and mental health, Nick Bailey from the PCYC and Jane Callinan from Where There's A Will. 

"Massive shout out to community business who have gotten involved with this which is a great thing," said Meg.

"I think we have 20 raffle prizes so a massive thank you to all of the local businesses and of course Dimmocks meat who gave us all the meat and fed us tonight."

All of the money raised is going to the local Vinnies which Meg said is really important to them.

"All to Muswellbrook, we like to keep things local. We're about putting the heart back into the community."

To donate: https://my.fundraise.vinniesnsw.org.au/vinnies-school-sleepouts/st-josephs-high-year-12-school-sleepout


Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse