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$45 million for Muswellbrook Hospital to "pick up pieces" where the second stage finished


The NSW Government has announced $45 million for Muswellbrook Hospital to "pick up the pieces" where the second stage of the redevelopment work finished off.

The third stage of work will be delivered with the announcement today.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro said the proposed Stage 3, which has been in planning since 2018, will complete the hospital’s redevelopment by consolidating all acute clinical services into one building including Maternity Services which are currently in an isolated building.

“The people of the Upper Hunter deserve state-of-the-art infrastructure, facilities and services, especially when it comes to health,” John Barilaro said.

“The improvements we are announcing today include a new 26 bed inpatient unit, with two palliative care beds, a four-bed maternity inpatient unit and two birthing suites to ensure the best care for local mums and bubs."

“Construction on the new operating theatres will begin next year. This redevelopment will ensure we provide the most contemporary models of care across the board.”

John Barilaro said NSW Labor have tried to confuse the stages and make it look like the government wasn't delivering which simply isn't the case.

"There was confusion, what we did with stage two was prepare for the future. So we built the hard infrastructure, the rooms, the bricks and mortar that allows us to move quickly into stage three so I know the Opposition wanted to say that we shortchanged stage two, that's not correct," he said.


"We delivered everything we said that we would and now today, we are committing stage three $45 million that includes two operating theatres,"

"On the original plans, the room was part of it, the shell. We had contractors on site, we built the shell so we could actually plan for the future and again you are just buying the spin from Labor and I can promise you what we're delivering is the full hog and that's why we're delivering $45 million."

"Regardless of what happens on 22nd May we will still be in government, regardless. So the reality is we have to get on with business as usual."

"Today we are making the $45 million commitment of the hospital, its a good news story and there's nothing negative about it and the difference is money in the bank or another shallow, hollow promise from Labor," said John Barilaro. 

Stage 3 of the redevelopment will also include:

  • Paediatric Suite
  • Two New Operating Rooms
  • New Central Sterilising Service
  • Staff zones
  • Eight additional staff overnight rooms
  • Refurbished inpatient unit, Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) outpatient unit into community health spaces

Stage 1 of the Redevelopment was completed in 2015 which included a new Emergency Department. This stage cost $6.5 million, including a $2.5 million donation from BHP and $4 million from the Restart NSW – Resources for Regions program.

Clinical spaces in the new ED included:

  • Three acute treatment beds
  • A paediatric treatment bed
  • A two-bed resuscitation bay for critically unstable patients
  • Consult rooms
  • A procedure/plaster room
  • A room for assessing patients who are experiencing mental health and other issues
  • A private room for women experiencing difficulties in early pregnancy
  • A room to accommodate patients with infectious respiratory illnesses
  • Pathology and pharmacy spaces

Stage 2 was completed in 2019 at a cost of $20.1 million to the NSW Government, and included new renal and chemotherapy services, as well as:

  • Improved spaces for medical imaging and pathology collection
  • Refurbished outpatient areas
  • Oral health services
  • An enhanced space for patients attending Muswellbrook Hospital for day surgery
  • Improvements to the main entry, reception and admission areas

The NSW Government has committed $10.7 billion of capital investment over the four years to 2023-24 on health infrastructure.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse and John Barilaro Facebook