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Community spirit shines through after vandalism attack in Singleton


Singleton Council is turning a bad story into a positive one, and a show of community spirit.

After vandals completely destroyed the amenities at Allan Bull Reserve on 24 April, Booth Contracting has shown its support for the community by undertaking the repairs free of charge, with Tradelink.

The incident resulted in $7,000 in damage when every toilet and basin was smashed in what was described as a “disgusting attack”, leaving users of the facility – including the playground and skatepark – without amenities.

But junior rugby union players, families and other park users will be comfortable again with the works completed just before the weekend. 

Damian Morris, Singleton Council’s Manager Infrastructure Services, said it was a generous contribution from the team at Booth Contracting who acted quickly to get the amenities building open.

“The incident that occurred at Allan Bull Reserve was beyond disappointing – not because of the $7,000 in damage, but the fact that the families using the reserve, including the skatepark and playground, were without toilet facilities for two weeks,” he said.

“Council moved straight away to have the repairs done as soon as possible, and in a great show of support for our community, Booth Contracting offered to cover the cost of repairs including the new toilets and sinks that Tradelink supplied at cost price."

“That’s a significant saving for our community for repairs that were not budgeted for, and which would have been diverted from other projects."

“It’s great to see the works are now complete, and that users of Allan Bull Reserve, including our up-and-coming rugby union players, will be able to use these facilities this weekend.”

Jason Linnane, Council's General Manager is very grateful to the businesses as it wasn't in Council's budget to be able to afford to fix the damage.

"That was really disappointing but in a real show of the spirit and strength of the Singleton community we're turning a bad story into a positive story."

"They say tough times are character revealing, and that's not just for individuals, that's for organisations and the community," he said. 

"Police have got an ongoing investigations occurring but lets hope that they can track down who did it and hold them to account, because not only Allan Bull Reserve but the damage done to the school, it's just not good enough."

"It's mindless."

"but lets not focus on the sad, lets focus on the good," said Jason. 

Image credit: Singleton Council