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Police warn motorcyclists to slow down after man caught doing 160km/hr near Tamworth


Police are warning drivers, including motorcyclists to watch their speed limits on country roads.

A motorcyclist has been caught travelling at nearly 160km/hr near Tamworth last week.

Tamworth Traffic and Highway Patrol were patrolling Werris Creek Road as a part of Operation Trance when they observed a motorcycle approaching them travelling at 158km/hr.

The rider was stopped and the 30-year-old from Tamworth had a Provisional P1 drivers licence restricting him to 90kms an hour.

He was issued with a penalty notice and his licence was suspended on the spot for six months.

Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/TrafficServicesNSWPF/photos/a.226613494070305/3938587019539582/