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Scone's Yasmin Meakes hitting the field for the NSW Blues tonight


Scone's Yasmin Meakes will be hitting the field for the NSW Blues tonight when they take on Queensland in the Women's State of Origin class.

The teams have been in their bubble for the last two weeks and will be hitting the field at the Sunshine Coast Stadium tonight. 

Yasmin is a high school teacher at Scone High School so it's safe to say there are some very excited students keen to see their teacher play.

Yasmin said it's been an interesting season with all of the pandemic restrictions put on clubs.

"There's a lot of rules around what we can and can't do and because I travel so far too there's been a couple of things I couldn't do, they expected me to go to training and drive all the way home and not stop off in Sydney for food or anything so that was hard."

"I love where I live and the school I'm teaching at has been really supportive in giving me and allowing me to have some time off to get there and travel as well so I'm really appreciative of their support."

Yasmin started off the year in the Rugby Sevens squad, then the pandemic hit postponing the Olympics so she lost her contract. 

But it wasn't long before she was playing with the Central Coast Roosters and then Sydney, and then picked for the Origin side. 

"I loved my experience there [Central Coast] and the girls really took me under their wing and gave me all of the support I needed. From that team that's when I got picked in the NRLW team and that was a lot of girls from the Central Cost too,"

"Then I got an email the week before the grand final saying I was in contention to be picked for the Origin squad and now I'm here!"

"It's so cool, it just shows how much support as the Hunter we have playing League."

Yasmin will be playing from interchange tonight and couldn't be more excited. 

"Could potentially go in whatever position so I'm really ready for that and excited to actually just get on the field."

"I think we're going to go really well... I feel like this is one of the closest teams I've been in and that's going to really show on the field tonight"

"Origin is one of the games you can never really predict. This is my first experience of it but the girls have said its one of the hardest games in international women's rugby league so I'm really looking forward to the challenge."