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Fixing Local Roads program accelerated to benefit regional NSW including the Upper Hunter


The second round of the NSW Government's Fixing Local Roads program has been accelerated and opened this week. 

Upper Hunter MP Michael Johnsen has announced that the program which is an Australian and New South Wales Governments’ commitment will improve local roads and create thousands of local jobs in the regions.

Michael Johnsen said the Australian Government committed $191 million in June to build on the NSW Nationals in Govenrment’s $500 million Fixing Local Roads program, ensuring even
more regional communities benefit faster.

“This much-needed money for local projects will make a huge difference in people’s everyday lives right across our Electorate, as we can already see projects from Round 1 commencing throughout the region and with this injection of funds, and now even more Upper Hunter Electorate communities will be able to see the benefits of this program,” he said.

“Fixing Local Roads is helping our local councils repair, maintain and seal the roads that really mattered to regional communities."

“This is about delivering small projects that can make a big difference for local communities – projects that will drive valuable jobs in our region over the next 12 months as councils get cracking on delivery."

“We’ve already seen $243.6 million of joint funding go towards 253 shovel-ready projects in 84 Local Government Areas in the first round of funding and this latest round will see another $136.4 million injected into regional New South Wales to generate more jobs and stimulate local economies."

“It will mean smoother, safer trips to school, work or even the shops and most importantly, it will create much-needed jobs in hundreds of communities."

NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said the NSW Government had accelerating its funding for the program to get more projects to seal, maintain and repair local roads under way faster.

“We’re not just putting our foot down in terms of delivering this package – we’re turbocharging it to ensure we create jobs and create better journeys on the roads that really matter to local communities,” Paul Toole said.

Applications for round two of the program are open until Friday 4th December 2020.

The NSW Government said though that projects will need to start this financial year and be delivered within two years, to ensure local communities see the benefits as quickly as possible.