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Where There’s A Will


On Saturday the 29th July Muswellbrook football club will be hosting their “Where there’s a Will, Grit and Growth round. “

“This round will see us wearing our Rainbow Socks for soccer , and about our community standing proud together in the understanding and growth we have made in knowing how to look after our wellbeing.” Said Kylie Cheers club member and teacher at Muswellbrook High.

Our community has made wellbeing a priority in our schools, in our sport and in our community. Wellbeing is not all fluffy words and feel-good emotions. Wellbeing is understanding how to be resilient and knowing that taking on a challenge, setting goals and working hard for things is good for our growth, learning and wellbeing.

This ‘Where There’s a Will’ round flows on from the recent Scone Rugby league Grit and growth round. “Our dedicated Upper Hunter teachers are taking learning beyond the school gate and onto the sporting fields celebrating perseverance, uplifting people who have shown resilience through team sport with a hardworking attitude. Said Pauline Carrigan “Where there’s a Will charity.

Wellbeing is grit, it is working hard as a team, it is supporting one another, it is enjoying a win and sharing a loss and it is the life lessons and joy that we learn out of playing sport.

“As teachers, parents ask us, what can we do to provide the support needed to develop Grit and resilience? How do we teach our children to push themselves? What can we do to help our kids be receptive to these tough lessons?”

In order to teach children to be resilient, we need to show them real examples of how failures and setbacks can lead to success—by talking about them regularly, sharing our own experiences, and most importantly, allowing them to fail.” Said Tahneah Terzian teacher at Muswellbrook South.

Sport is the perfect platform for our children to learn grit and growth, to practice perseverance and resilience and in the process, they are also working hard on developing their physical and mental wellbeing.

On the day selected players will receive the Where there’s a Will – Grit and Growth mindset medal, recognising their dedication to their teams and their personal development journey.

This day is a celebration of family and how far we have come as a community on this journey to better understand how to maintain our wellbeing.

If you have a pair of socks put them on, come along and help us celebrate our kids and their understanding of Grit and Growth.

For Further information , please contact

  • Media spokes person Tehnea Terzian – Teacher Muswellbrook South Public school. 0422482193
  • Where there’s a Will -Pauline Carrigan Phone 0427530717


Jul 29 2023


All Day


Victoria Park Muswellbrook
Hill Street, Muswellbrook

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