Men's Health Education Rural Van (MHERV)

Tue 23 Apr 2019 11:55 pm to 11:55 pm

  • Free
  • Muswellbrook Fair

Men’s Health Education Rural Van (mherv) is out and about in rural New South Wales to save
lives ....
Sounds a bit dramatic maybe... But plenty of rural men just drop dead in the paddock, because
‘nobody saw it coming’
Do you know that many men in rural Australia ‘haven’t had time’ to have a check-up ... many
haven’t seen a surgery door for years!
mherv’s job is to shine a light into the future for these blokes, with a few simple tests. It’s a ten
minute exercise that often saves lives.
• Blood pressure just to check the heart isn’t too stressed.
• Body mass - height, weight and girth
• Blood sugar levels ... just a pin-prick in the finger, to make sure there’s no type two diabetes ...
which is manageable even if there is.
• Cholesterol ... just another pin-prick to see if levels are high and need attention.
This ‘free’ service has been set up by Rotary District 9670 and is managed and directed by volunteer
Rotarians, most from Warners Bay and Warren Clubs; mherv has shown by results that there is a
need to test rural men for health issues.