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2NM Music Legends - The Romantics

2nm the romantics

One of the biggest bands at the beginning of the New Wave movement, Josh has a chat with Wally Palmar - the lead singer with The Romantics.

They were up some pretty stiff competition in the beginning, being from Detroit and growing up in the sixties. The Motown movement was thriving, so it was a number of years playing in pubs and writing their own music before The Romantics were first signed to a music label in 1977. By this time, punk rock and new wave was born, and four friends with a love for music began their careers. Their success was almost immediate - from The Romantic's debut album in 1979, What I Like About You was a smash success around the world.

In this candid interview with Josh Haizer, Wally discusses what it was like to grow up in an era where Motown was thriving. Once fame and fortune hit, Wally talks about the romance of writing songs (yes, that's where the band's name came from!), the peak of the early 80's, the nasty downfall and run-in's with management, and what the Romantics are doing as they enter their fourth decade in the music industry!

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