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2NM Motoring Show - 19 April 2018

2nm motoring show 19 april

Ford's finally made a decision! There was a bit of white-knuckling as to whether they'd use the Mondeo as the replacement for the Falcon in the V8 Supercars - sorry, just Supercars. Thankfully they've come to their senses, ironed out the design issues with the Mustang, and in 2019, the pony car will replace the mighty Falcon on the track.

Josh was a bit out of his depth today, as he's used to driving larger cars. But Dom got him inside a Ford Ecosport to test drive, with surprising results.

The mighty Torana was a must-have for a young fella back in it's heyday, and John from the Upper Hunter Motoring Association was there to soak up all of it's glory. We'll look back on the car that shaped a nation - five wins at Bathurst, the must-have SL/R 5000 and A9X, and why after thirteen years, we decided to replace it with the hideous Holden Camira.

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