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It was on this day 42 years ago that Rod Stewart finally parted ways with his band Faces . . . evidently the break over Christmas had given him some thinking time, and he was going to go it alone. Hard to believe judging by this picture, but he was growing more popular with audiences as a solo artist - Rod had already recorded "Maggie May" and was about to record "Sailing", but his departure didn't necessarily mean he was leaving the other band members out in the cold. Ronnie Wood, the guitarist, would join the Rolling Stones (replacing Mick Taylor), and drummer Kenney Jones would join The Who (replacing Keith Moon, who passed away at the age of 32).

And of course Rod went from strength to strength, from wife to wife, but not from hairdo to hairdo - like the Queen of England, his is the only hairstyle that's not changed in well over five decades.


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