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December 21, 1937 created two things that without, Josh's formative years might never have been the same. Jane Fonda was born, and although Josh didn't surface until almost five decades later, Jane Fonda was in her prime as a workout guru. With limbs flailing about the joint, you needed to make sure there was no breakable furniture within a ten foot radius, and these days, there's still dusty videos with in his parents' attic which they can't even give away. And that includes her films.

A film that got a right workout though, was Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, which was released eighty years ago today. The VHS is proudly displayed in the video cabinet (yes, his parents still have one), however it all came to a screeching halt a number of years ago when his younger brother taped over it with an episode of World Championship Wrestling. Now, instead of a priceless fairy tale, there's worthless wrestlers fake fighting, and TV commercials flogging knives from Demtel.