The tweet that ruined Josh's childhood . . . and laptop.

Imagine the scene.

Josh is eating his lunch, sipping his drink, and leisurely winding his way through internet articles. Sort of like a relaxed Sunday drive with all the windows down - no rush, no particular destination, not a care in the world.

Then, the internet equivalent of a kangaroo bounces out in front of his car. Or, in reality, Josh's work desk has been instantly covered with a dastardly combination of beetroot, cheese, half-chewed chicken and bottled water.

Silence fills the room. Gasps can be heard. The sedated search for internet content has come to a grinding halt.

Monopoly was the game that made us all think we could revolutionize the banking, construction and property development industries, simply by erecting houses and hotels on any one of the 24 coloured squares. Or, depending on who you were playing with, property demolition could be achieved instantaneously – a quick flick of the board and your whole property portfolio was in tatters.

Although Josh believes very little about what he reads on Twitter, it was this tweet who threw his whole childhood into turmoil:


Go into hysterics. Go directly into hysterics. Do not pass it over. Do not collect yourself.

And collecting $200.00 would come in handy right about now, because (chances are) Josh will have to pay for the laptop that he has ruined with a half-consumed chicken salad roll and approximately 400 millilitres of bottled water.

It's not been a good day.